Why Nestadio CrossBorder ?

How many time in our VC career in the last decade did we hear French entrepreneurs whining:

"My competitor got bought by Microsoft for 200 million dollars but my startup has a far better technology!". Or "a startup based in Bengalore raised 25 million in Palo Alto in my domain where I have 25 years expertise, and I have never heard of them".


We have great, technologist and entrepreneurs in France but they are too disconnected to the main tech ecosystem and markets around the world, especially the north american ones.


This is what Nestadio Crossborder is all about. Bridging the gap between ambitious entrepreneurs and global market; especially North America.


France is a large country. With 70 million inhabitant; it is the second largest European market and part of the G7 but it represents only 4% of the global IT market. So a tech company focusing just on France is doomed to remain a very minor player on a global scale.


French ecosystem for startups is toxic when it comes to international development.

Earlystage and international is an oxymoron in France. If you're early stage, conventional wisdom wants you to stay in France and grow and wait to be a big player before going international;in Europe first, then in the US very late.


We offer a different path: grow globally in early stage by connecting to the US major tech hubs while maintaining your base locally in France.