Our Startups Target....

Zgarage: another accelerator program?

If you feel you meet these criterias, please come talk to us!


-you ambition to be a global leader in you field and have already build a local business that has the potential to scale globally.


-You have a product, strong IP,a proven competitive advantage allowing strong barrier to entry, you have  initial revenues and metrics locally. 
You have financed your venture with customer revenues,  subsidies, Friend&Family, business angels, bank loan, crowdfunding but you are too early for a Series A.


-Field of expertise: you are working in one of the following areas which are our core focus: Enterprise Saas, IT Infrastructure,  Big Data, Cloud Computing, AI/ML, Blockchain, Video, VR/AR, Cybersecurity, digital transformation (strong expertise in transportation,  production, silver economy, energy, health and well being,)


-You are based in France and want to build your business operation in the US. Or you are based in the US already and want to build your R&D team in France


To apply email jequeffelec@nestadio-capital.com